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    America's Haunted Restaurants and Hotels

    By travel
    October 20, 2012, 2:54:53 AM EDT


    Photo Courtesy of St. James Hotel

    Haunted restaurants and hotels abound in America, waiting to be explored by specter-seeking guests. But Judy Kahlor of the St. James Hotel in New Mexico says, "You have to be careful what you wish for; you just might see something." —Justine Sterling


    Photo © Sara Essex

    Muriel's, New Orleans, LA There is one unavailable table at this Jackson Square restaurant. It's freshly set every night with bread and water for a previous owner of the property, Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, whose ghost has a standing reservation. Gambling ruined Jourdan in 1814, when he lost his house in a poker game. Inconsolable at having to vacate, he committed suicide on the second floor. The appropriately named Séance Lounges upstairs are where Mr. Jourdan is said to spend most of his time knocking on walls, but the staff claim that glasses have flown from behind the bar and shattered against the far brick wall three times since 2001.


    Photo Courtesy of Brennan's Restaurant

    Brennan's Restaurant; New Orleans, LA Chef Paul Blange created many of this restaurant's iconic dishes, like bananas Foster flambéed tableside, and staff says he never leaves the kitchen—even though Blangé died in 1977. The chef was so dedicated that he was buried with the restaurant's menu and a knife and fork across his chest, and he is said to mark the end of a night's shift by banging pots and pans as the restaurant's doors are locked. In the wine cellar, the ghost of sommelier Herman Funk—who helped build the restaurant's legendary collection of wine and spirits—now signals his selections to servers by clinking bottles

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