America's 10 Most Romantic Restaurants

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2/9/2013 6:49:57 PM

Romance is sort of like chocolate chip cookies - everyone has a recipe they swear by. But whether you're a Vandross guy or a John Mayer gal, the dating formula always requires meals together - some of them identifiably romantic, if things are going well. And though not enough credit is given to the amorous effects of an out-of-the-way snow cone stand, a candlelit, sit-down dinner for two really has no peer.

Romantic restaurants usually share a few similar qualities. Dim lighting is a must, close enough quarters for hand-holding are probable, and stunning views are likely. Food, of course, must be taken into consideration, as it's difficult to get in the mood when confronted with a scalded bisque or underdone game hen.

These romantic restaurants excel at all of the above. They span the country, located in bustling city centers and the wide-open spaces of the Texas countryside alike. As the old song goes, love is all around.

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