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    Travel & Leisure Editors' Favorite Road Trips

    By By Travel + Leisure Staff
    June 15, 2013, 3:44:46 AM EDT

    It’s an annual summer ritual: piling three kids and one giant golden doodle into the car for the drive to Maine, stopping for lobster rolls and boxes of blueberries. See the lighthouse at Dyce Head? Almost there.

    For one T+L editor, that’s the power of a road trip, with its traditions, thrill of anticipation, and comforting sense of the familiar. The appeal for others lies in setting out for the unknown, with the possibility of discovery and (mis)adventure around the next bend. After all, when the urge to travel strikes, hitting the road is the most spontaneous way to get your fix. Even a day trip can refresh your perspective.

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    While routes through North Carolina and Hawaii left a big impression on T+L staff, so did the chance to get behind the wheel while abroad. It was a road trip from Cairo through the desert—past wild camels—that led another T+L editor to the most incredible place she’s stayed yet, a Berber-style eco-lodge by the Great Sand Sea.

    Read on for more memorable road trip stories, and share your favorites in the comments below.

    —Kate Appleton



    We spent a day exploring Kauai’s incredible topography from our open-air Jeep. Following the Kuhio Highway from Lihue, on the eastern shore, we drove counterclockwise along the island’s circumference, stopping along the way for waterfalls ('Opaeka'a Falls, near Wailua), smoothies (get the Taste of Hawaii—a blend of papaya, mango, banana, and other tropical flavors—at Moloa'a Sunrise Juice Bar, in Anahola), and beaches (Pali Ke Kua, a.k.a Hideaways, accessible via steep, slippery path just below the St. Regis Princeville resort).

    Everywhere were reminders that Mother Nature runs this island: flooded roads, the smell of exotic fruits, stray chickens getting fat on the lush vegetation, and scary signs warning us that some beaches, while peaceful-looking, were too dangerous for swimming. One such highlight: the gorgeous but treacherous Queen’s Bath, on the North Shore. It’s a series of natural pools on a lava rock shelf that juts into the ocean and is often pummeled with powerful waves. Strange, beautiful, eye-opening, and humbling—just like Kauai itself.

    —Peter J. Frank, director of editorial product development



    A few years ago my husband and I drove from Cairo via Alexandria (where we stopped to see the incredible new library) into the Western Desert to Siwa, an oasis renowned for its delicious dates, not far from the Libyan border. We passed wild camels en route to the most incredible place I’ve ever stayed, Adrère Amellal. The Berber-style eco-lodge, built out of rock salt and clay, had no electricity. At night, pathways magically appeared by lantern formation, and beeswax candles lighted our room. We were hundreds of miles from civilization on the edge of the Great Sand Sea. I’d never seen a clearer sky. It was crazy romantic.

    —Adrien Glover, deputy digital editor

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