Meghan Mussoline

Meghan Mussoline is the digital content manager at AccuWeather, where she oversees news production. She leads a team of online journalists who contribute to weather-related news and company social media accounts with 24/7-coverage.

Previously, Meghan was the lead online journalist at AccuWeather. In that role, she wrote hundreds of stories for and ran the @breakingweather Twitter account.

Her passion is in telling unique and compelling stories through digital and social media about how weather impacts lives around the globe. Meghan’s purpose is to inform and educate readers with the hopes of helping people prepare for every day weather events and protecting lives from weather catastrophes.

Meghan started her career as a meteorologist at AccuWeather after graduating from Penn State with a Bachelor of Science in meteorology and a focus in forecasting and communications.

Follow Meghan on Twitter @Accu_Meghan for updates on weather news around the globe.