Heather Waldman

Hometown: Gilbertsville, PA

Education: B.S. Meteorology, Penn State 2013; B.A. Telecommunications, Penn State 2013

Believe it or not, I grew up cowering at Mother Nature’s fury. I was terrified of thunderstorms until late elementary school! One of my teachers suggested that I read about the weather to understand it more. Weather has fascinated me ever since! I followed my love of weather to Penn State University where I took my first hacks in front of a green screen as a part of PCN’s Weather World. I embrace the challenge of forecasting each and every day and enjoy bringing the weather to the public.

When I’m not at AccuWeather, I enjoy going for long runs…I finished my first half marathon during the winter of 2013 and have plans to run many more! I am also an avid Philadelphia sports fan, especially the Phillies!

What made you choose weather?
Reading about and learning to love the weather at a young age
Weirdest job?
Sandwich Artist at Subway
Favorite sports team?
Philadelphia Phillies
Song you hate the most?
“Friday”, Rebecca Black
Right or left handed?
Favorite social media?
Total Twitter addict
Coffee or Tea?
Neither! Ice cold water keeps me goin’
Favorite age you’ve been?
I’m pretty happy with the age I am now
Current desktop picture?
Corgi puppies….it’s a bit of an obsession
Favorite season?
PC or MAC?
What would I find in the fridge?
Lots of holiday leftovers!
One meal for the rest of my life:
Fettuccini alfredo
Hobbies/special interests/golf?
Running, reading, drawing, watching sports….and you don’t want to see me golf
Favorite place to vacation?
Nothing beats Ocean City Maryland!