Danielle Knittle

I was born in Philadelphia, PA and grew up in Hackettstown, NJ. My interest in weather began after being evacuated by Hurricane Bonnie while on vacation in Myrtle Beach in 1998. I remember sitting in front of the TV watching all of the weather reports and freaking out since I wasn't keen on thunderstorms at the time. When we returned a couple of days later, the damage around the city was minimal, lots of tree branches down and some ripped awnings and billboards. Six years later I was affected by Bonnie again, this time driving through its remnants on the way to Myrtle Beach. The bigger surprise was tracking Hurricane Charley and seeing that it was targeting the area for its second landfall. The hotel we were in at the time was on the evacuation line for visitors, but my family was able stay and I got to experience its final landfall first hand.

After graduating from Hackettstown High School in 2006, I attended The Pennsylvania State University earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology with a focus in forecasting and communications. I was a member of Campus Weather Service and PSUBAMS, the student chapter of the American Meteorological Society. I was also a member of the Penn State Women's Club Bowling team where I was ranked the #8 rookie among women in the nation by average my Freshman year and finished 19th in the nation as a Senior. While a member of the team I had the opportunity to compete in the Intercollegiate Team Championships twice (finishing 3rd in 2007) along with the Intercollegiate Singles Championships.

Aside from the weather and bowling, my hobbies include golf and following Philadelphia and Penn State sports (I'm a huge Flyers fan!). I would say my handicap is somewhere between 30 and 35, but I have my moments. I like classic rock, rock and pop music, comedy and action movies, and historical fiction novels.

I joined the AccuWeather team in June 2010 as a forecaster, and have since branched out into radio broadcasting.