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    Brett Anderson

    Brett Anderson

    Grew up in Warwick, RI. Youngest of three children. Attended Warwick Veterans Memorial High School then went on to Rutgers University in NJ to receive my Bachelors degree in Earth and Atmospheric Science in 1989.

    I began my career at AccuWeather in the summer of 1989.

    I married Cheryl Feragne in 1991. We have 3 children: Scott born in 1993, Kaitlin 1996 and Camryn 2008.

    I currently reside in Centennial, Pennsylvania.

    Likes: Basketball, Cooking, Computers, Penn State Sports, skiing and big snowstorms, but not driving in them!

    Fan of the Oakland A's, Oakland Raiders, Boston Celtics and Montreal Canadians.

    What is the first record or album you ever purchased?
    What made you choose weather as a career?
    Growing up in New England and tracking the big storms got me very interested. I knew I would be a weatherman when I was 6.
    Weirdest job you've ever had?
    Preparing trip-tiks for AAA.
    What kind of movies do you like?
    I like horror and action movies.
    Righty or Lefty?
    Both right and left handed. Depends on which sport I play.
    What is the last movie you watched?
    The Town.
    What is the last book you read?
    I cannot remember, I am not a book person.
    Favorite day of the year?
    If you could go anywhere in time - where would you go?
    I would go back in time for a couple days to check out the 1950s
    Favorite Kevin Bacon movie?
    Apollo 13.
    Coffee or Tea?
    Neither Coffee or tea. Prefer diet Ginger Ale.
    What's a word you say a lot?
    Partly (almost in every forecast I read)
    Favorite age you've been so far?
    Current desktop picture?
    Mount McKinley.
    Favorite season?
    Earliest memory?
    Going to visit Santa Claus up in Boston when I was 3 or 4 and I had to wear this ugly, grey fur like dress up coat that my Grandmother bought me. That just stuck in my head for some reason.