Bernie Rayno

Married to Tyler Rayno in October 2009

Have a twin brother Steve and a sister Dierdre, mother Mary

Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University in May 1990

Began career at AccuWeather on Sept. 4, 1990

First CD/DVD you ever bought?
Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits... Stop laughing! I'm a metal head!
What made you choose weather/meteorology/broadcasting as a career?
I fell in love with the weather at 5 years old.
Weirdest job you've ever held?
This one...Weather talent are crazy people!
Favorite sports team? Music? Movie genre?
NFL football... no other sport matters. I live, eat and sleep Green Bay Packers
Any weird talents?
Yeah, I can predict the weather.
Right or left handed?
Right handed
Last movie you watched/book you read?
"John Adams"... my favorite founding father
Favorite day of the year?
Friday, except Sunday during football seasons
Celebrity you (or other people) think you resemble? Who would play you in a movie?
Jermey Piven
Song you hate the most?
Anything by Ke$ha
Any superstitions you believe/practice?
There is not enough time and space for all of my crazy tendencies.
Favorite/most addictive form of social media?
Really none
If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go?
Back in time to high school when I was living the life but had no idea
Favorite Kevin Bacon movie?
"Footloose." Is there any other Kevin Bacon movie?
Coffee or Tea?
Do you "label" yourself any certain stereotype?
Ruggedly handsome, but a little (some would say a lot) crazy...
What's a word you say a lot?
"I am concerned"
Favorite age you have been so far?
Most influential person in your life?
I can't pick one;I have had a lot of influential people in my life.
Favorite Season?
Fall, in particular October
What is your earliest memory?
In my mother's womb... is that weird?
PC or MAC?
What kind of tree or animal would you be?
I would love to be a bear, so I could hibernate during the winter.
If you were a car - What kind would you be?
Nissan Maxima
If you could be any fictional character - who would you be?
I can't think of any...
What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
Not much…
One meal for the rest of your life - what would it be?
Crab... I love crab!
Hobbies / Special Interests?
NFL football... staying in shape.
Favorite place to vacation?
I love the mountains!!!

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