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By The Field and Stream Editors
9/15/2012 10:45:22 AM

In September of 1982, Albert McReynolds weighed a 78.8-pound striped bass at a tackle shop near Atlantic City, New Jersey. He caught the fish the night prior, standing on the wave-pounded Ventnor Avenue jetty casting a Rebel plug. The catch, which claimed the spot of all-tackle world record, immediately turned McReynolds' world upside down, earning him nationwide attention, tackle company endorsements, and lots of money. Of course, with such a catch come accusations. Though everything from lead-stuffing to finding the fish dead on the sand was rumored in an effort to disqualify the catch, it remained in place for nearly 30 years. But that record fell in August 2011.

Angler Greg Myerson brought in a bass that pinned the needle of a Westbrook, Conn., tackle shop scale at 81.8-pounds, and was later certified by the IGFA as the new world record striped bass. We tracked down Myerson less than 24 hours after he boated his bass to get the real story and exclusive photos.

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Eight years after she took up fishing to spend more time with her boyfriend, British angler Alexa Turness caught a Wels catfish in Spain that topped anything he ever caught-and set what is believed to be a new women's world record for the massive European species. Field & Stream got the U.S. exclusive on Turness' 215-pound, record-setting catch.

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When Vicksburg, Miss., commercial fisherman Kenny Williams began pulling up his last net of the morning from the depths of Lake Chotard on Feb. 14, he was expecting nothing more than to reach his weekly quota of buffalo. But what he brought up in his net that day ended up being the largest alligator gar ever caught.

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