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    Future of Hunting, Fishing Could Be in Jeopardy

    By Valerie Smock
    3/1/2014 11:12:58 AM

    As the world warms due to a changing climate, there is a chance the sport of hunting and fishing could be affected. Valerie Smock has more on what could happen in the future.

    We all know that drought and famine, among other things, are part of the economic disasters that are predicted to happen due to a changing climate. There is a chance for it to affect other things too.

    The future of hunting and fishing may be changing right along with the climate. As the Earth warms, animals may be on the move.

    "As temperatures rise across the habitat, animals migrate to stay cool either farther north or higher in elevation," said Mark Fischetti, Scientific American editor. "The more temperatures rise the farther and higher animals go and there's little we can do to stop that. It's survival instinct."

    To help prevent problems down the road, hunters and fishermen can go green. Before driving a long way in a not-so fuel efficient vehicle, try car pooling or staying closer to home.