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    78 Hunting, Fishing and Camping Tips From Field & Stream Readers

    By Photo Gallery by Editors
    November 03, 2012, 8:56:57 AM EDT


    Revamp a Rack

    Whether it’s an antler mount hanging outside on the barn or a shed found in the woods, antlers that have been bleached by the elements can be restored to a natural color with Minwax Golden Oak stain. Rub it on with a cotton cloth and let dry. One coat usually does the trick, but you can repeat until you’ve achieved the desired coloration. --JHawes, via fieldandstream.com/tips.


    Ten-Cent Solution

    If I need to inspect my rifle’s bore in the field (I’ll admit that I’ve slid down a hill or two) or while cleaning it at home, I open the action and set a shiny dime on the bolt face. It reflects enough light from my flashlight into the bore for me to see if it’s clear or clean. --Patrick Edmonds, via e-mail


    Stick It in the Bank An inexpensive and easy-to-carry alternative to stake-in-the-ground rod holders is the screw-together stakes from a set of solar-powered lanterns. The upturned lip on the shepherd’s hook neatly cradles the rod, and the sturdy aluminum construction makes it easy to embed in hard ground. --David Spletzer, Brooklyn, N.Y.

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    Additional Info

    Some of the best hunting and fishing tips that appear in Field & Stream every month don't come from the editors or writers at the magazine. They come from you, the readers. We get so many good tip submissions, in fact, that it's sometimes tough to select the winners for our "Reader Tips" section. But there was never any doubt about the tips in this gallery.

    If you have a good Reader Tip for the magazine, e-mail it to fsletters@bonniercorp.com, or post it on The Tip Board. If it appears in the magazine, we'll send you some great outdoor gear—free!

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