10 Best Dog Movies of All Time

By Joe Genzel
5/15/2013 11:20:51 AM

If there's one thing we never tire of here at Gun Dog, it's quoting lines from our favorite movies. We can rattle off scenes from Goodfellas for hours: "Spida, on ya way ovah here, bring me a cuddy and wada, huh." Well, we thought instead of wasting our valuable time doing our best Joe Pesci impersonations around the office, it'd be a bit more productive-and entertaining for you-if we helped you share in the fun.

So we took our passion for great movies and came up with a list of the best dog films of all time. Not all of these flicks are "dog movies," per se, but rest assured, there's a pooch in every one of them. We also considered the watchability of each film-if we couldn't get through it, it's hard to expect you to. The result is our list of the 10 best dog movies of all time.

Photo from: GunDog

10. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Will Farrell, staring in Anchorman, has a best friend/terrier named "Baxter," that is, until Farrell's character "Ron Burgundy" throws a burrito at motorcyclist Jack Black. Black responds by drop-kicking poor Baxter over the side of a bridge, sending Burgundy in a downward spiral that sees him lose his love interest "Veronica Corningstone" (Christina Applegate) and his job.

Photo from: GunDog

9. Back to the Future

"I have your car towed all the way to your house, and all you have for me is a light beer?" Yes, Biff Tannen is a dog, but we're thinking of Doc Brown's sheepdog, Einstein. He doesn't play a prominent role in Back to the Future, but he is the world's first time traveler, so you can't deny his importance in canine history.

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