2013 Buyers Guide Preview: In Deep!

By Joe Cutts
9/1/2012 12:27:45 PM

Mike Rogan at 2013 Ski Test. Photo by Dan Campbell

We're just one month away from releasing our 2013 Buyers Guide with the results of our annual ski and boot tests. Consistently regarded as the best in the industry, our test puts 137 skis and 96 boots through the wringer. Only 119 products performed well enough to earn a coveted SKI Magazine Gold Medal. Over the next four weeks, we'll introduce you to a few of the top performers, including these four from the Deep Snow category. Check back next week for standouts from the Mixed Snow group.

Men's Deep Snow

Nordica Helldorado You just want it to live up to its menacing graphic (the black Death, as one tester put it), but the new Helldorado does more than that. Together with its metal-free brother, the Patron, it dominates the Deep Snow rankings. T ere might be wider, more buoyant skis in the category, but none with greater terrain and snow-conditions versatility than the Helldo (No. 1 in Balance of Skills). With metal reinforcement and a calm, low-profi le tip shape, it has smooth power to spare-"a big, bold ride that takes no prisoners"-and surprising hard-snow game for a board this wide. ◆ | ◆ ◆

MSRP: $999 flat
Dimensions: 143-113-132
Radius: 18.5 m (185 cm)
Average Score: 3.54
Rocker: Moderate tip and tail

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