Your First Road-Ready Cycling Kit

By Kristin Butcher
3/20/2013 7:16:25 AM

Credit: Shimano

So you've got your first road bike-a sleek, lightweight machine that's sure to take you farther, faster than you've ever gone before. But how do you go from road schmo to road pro? You've seen the real riders, the Lycra-clad packs cruising back roads and park loops in tight formation, nary a strip of loose fabric flapping in their collective slipstream. They don't just ride fast, they look fast.

Credit: Giro

And so can you, but first you have to get the gear-shoes that clip into pedals, turning your legs into über-efficient pistons that can push and pull the pedals; a bottle cage that won't lose your high-tech insulated water bottle (and you'll need that, too!); grippy gloves that are touchscreen-compatible for when you're trying to Google Map your way back on the beaten path.

Credit: Camelbak

Don't worry, though, we've done the leg work for you (this is the last time that'll happen, so we hope you've been beefing up your quads), gathering up 12 pieces of high-value, tried-and-true gear that will get you started down the long, rolling, fun-as-hell ride that is road bike ownership.

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