Winter Workouts: How to Stay Motivated

By Becky Striepe
12/16/2013 3:01:31 PM

It can be tough to get motivated for winter workouts when you're all cozy in bed and that alarm clock goes off. Here are some tips to help you keep moving through the winter chill.

Cold weather is not my friend, and my winter workouts tend to suffer for it. I grew up in south Florida, so strapping on a pair of running shoes when it's 20 degrees and windy sometimes feels like moving mountains. After 10 years living in a town with actual winters, I've learned a few ways to get myself out the door and stick with my running routine all winter long.

Credit: Care2

1. Remind yourself that you'll warm up once you get started.

This might seem obvious, but when it's freezing outside it's easy to make lots of excuses. One thing that's helped me keep my finger off of the snooze button is remembering that I most likely won't be freezing for my whole walk or run. Your body heats up as you move, so after that first quarter mile, you won't feel the cold so much. Sometimes, I have to repeat this like a mantra until I get my running clothes on, but it works!

2. If you can, work out mid-day, when it's a little bit warmer.

I know that this isn't an option for everyone, but those 2pm winter workouts are going to be warmer than the 6am ones. Could you fit a walk or run in on your lunch break? If you are worried about being sweaty afterwards, check out these tips on run commuting for some ideas on how to clean up for the rest of your work day without a proper shower.

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