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    Winter Running Apparel: 10 Essential Items

    By By Lauren Jimison
    January 07, 2014, 5:38:26 AM EST

    Many people claim that they don't like running outside during the wintertime. But what they really mean is that they don't like running outside in the cold without the right gear. Enjoying an outdoor winter workout is all about dressing right.

    Sure, without the right apparel a chilly run would be anything but enjoyable. When armed with gear designed to keep you warm and dry, though, running through snowy, winter weather can be just as pleasant as a mild-weather, springtime jog through the park.

    This winter, instead of turning all your workouts over to the treadmill, or even worse, setting your running routine on the backburner until springtime comes around, invest in a few key pieces of winter weather running gear.

    The following 10 items were hand picked by Mammoth Track Club elite runner Lauren Jimison. Designed to keep runners warm and dry, while still maintaining breathability and flexibility, gearing up with these essential items will keep you running strong through the snowy season.

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    Injinji Run 2.0 Original Weight Mini-Crew Socks

    These toe socks will not only keep your feet extra warm during the winter, but dry and blister free, too. Though this version is a bit thicker than the lightweight, their mesh material helps maintain breathability. If you’re looking for even more protection and comfort, opt for the Midweight version, which are even thicker and provide extra cushion. $10; injinji.com

    Fleece Gloves

    Fleece gloves will absolutely ensure warm, cozy hands during winter weather running. There are lots of different running gloves by different companies, so it’s important to find the kind you like best. Fleece is definitely comfy, but some runners prefer waterproof gloves that can withstand rainy weather. Some even buy cheap gloves to toss during races. Keep a few pairs on hand for different types of weather and training. Starting at $15; REI.com

    Mizuno Warmalite® Headband

    Maintaining your core body temperature means keeping your ears warm and toasty, too. This thick headband, which is also made with Warmalite® material, is a steal for only $14.99 and also reflects well at night. $15; mizunousa.com

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