Tips To Keep You Safe at Outdoor Events This Summer

By Maria King
7/29/2013 7:14:49 AM

Can someone else say it's hot outside? It's been about 3 minutes since I said it last and quite frankly, I am getting sick of the sound of my own voice. (a rare occasion indeed) It really has been hard to think of anything else these past few weeks. So with everyone heading outdoors for events in this heat, I thought a survival list would be a good idea. This is not only important information because I compiled it (cough), but because it helps your event experience to be an enjoyable, safe occurrence. In over 20 years of event attendance, I have seen and done it all, both good and bad. I am hoping that my "learning experiences" (I could call them mistakes but I really prefer experiences, lol) can be of help to you as you head out. Please remember that these assume that you will know not to forget your tickets, that you will be careful about keeping an eye on your children, you will be vigilant about protection of your property, etc. This list is just some things that you might not have thought about until one of them has a negative effect on your day and then it's too late.

-Plan ahead. Some of your very best planning takes place before you leave home and can save you stress later at the event.

-It is helpful to call ahead to verify that the event is taking place if you are traveling a long distance. A lot can change so it is important to verify. (remember my experience at the AT&T golf event last year). Sometimes the weather can be vastly different from where you are to where you are going.

-In major events, it is always best to check with the local police department for any road closures or route changes. That is common practice at major events for better traffic flow.

- Make sure to investigate where to park for possible shuttle services if necessary or possible ingress and egress for on-premise parking options.

-Have fully charged cell phones and be aware of everyone in your party's phone number.

-Dress in layers because all day events can deliver many different weather scenarios.

-Wear sunscreen to the event and bring sunscreen with you to re-apply during the day. Many so called "tough guys" will resist this so you simply offer to take them to the emergency room when they get sun stroke later.

-With new security measures for events, post Boston Marathon, it is best to pack carry-in items in clear bags. Be sure to check what items can be brought in before you arrive at the gate so you do not have to make a trek back to the car to store banned items.

-Always pack water even if you can buy it onsite. It is not only a good idea, it is a necessity to have enough hydration on hand in the hot, summer outdoors.

-Pay attention, upon your arrival, to the location of your parking place. Many people, well maybe not many, but I am usually too busy talking to pay attention to where we park. That can waste valuable time and be dangerous when hunting for your car in a severe weather situation. Also, many times if evacuation is necessary, you need to immediately proceed to your vehicle. That's why everyone needs to be clear about the location.

-Make sure that you have a prearranged meeting place inside the event as well. It can serve an important purpose in case you get unexpectedly separated or need to regroup. Information booths make great meet-up places. This is a "safe-place" sort of thing and very important especially with children.

-Let everyone know to pay attention to announcements at the event. Follow any instructions. Every event has a public address system to keep you safe and informed but it only works if you listen.

This week I offer up a serving of the biggest of the biggest summer events going on around the US. Armed with your list remember that events can supply a lifetime of memories bonding friends, parents, children and anyone who joins you, in a common experience. Following these tips will at least help to make sure that they are good memories. So get out and have some fun. But remember, "It's hot out!" Wait, was it my turn to say that?

Credit: EventCrazy

EAA Air Venture

Jul 29, 2013 - Aug 04, 2013

Wittman Airport Oshkosh, WI 54906

For seven days, the aviation world descends on Oshkosh to create the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. Nearly every aspect of flight is represented in one way or another -- from ultralights to the heavy iron of the Warbirds, AirVenture has it all. Exhibitors showing off the latest aviation innovations, informative forums presented by industry leaders and hands-on workshops compliment the variety of AirVenture activities. Air show includes 600 exhibitors and over 12,000 airplanes of every type, including homebuilts, antiques, warbirds, aerobatics, rotorcraft and floatplanes. More than 500 aviation seminars, workshops and forums, special evening programs and daily air shows.

830,000 Attendees

Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival

Jul 26, 2013 - Aug 04, 2013

Waterfront Stadium/Escanaba Park Grand Haven, MI 49417

Since 1924, festival week is filled with great family-type entertainment including a family parade, quilt show, Coast Guard run, kid's parade, Coast Guard waterball tournament, Venetian boat parade, parade of ships, ship tours, musical entertainment, community picnic, huge arts and crafts show, carnival, spectacular fireworks show and much, much more. Takes place at various locations. Some events are free and some there is an admission charge.

350,000+ Attendees

Photo by: Flickr user Phil Roeder

National Balloon Classic

Jul 26, 2013 - Aug 03, 2013

Memorial Balloon Field Indianola, IA 50125

Since 1969, Watch up to 100 balloons fly morning through evening, 5K road race, pancake and omlet breakfast, balloon rides, bathtub races, car and truck show, craft show, block party, nite glo extravaganza, parade, musical entertainment, fireworks and more. Takes place at various locations.

80,000 Attendees

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