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    Tips for Tackling Ticks

    By By Ann Pietrangelo
    June 11, 2013, 7:44:01 AM EDT

    One run in with a tick could result in a tickborne illness like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain fever. May through June is prime tick season, but there are some things you can do to lower your chances of acquiring a tickborne illness.


    Tips to Avoid Ticks

    - When in wooded areas, wear light-colored clothes and tuck pants inside socks. - Avoid areas of high grass and piles of leaves. - When hiking, stay in the middle of the trail.

    Even when a tick is sucking your blood, you won’t necessarily feel it. Perform a full-body check when you come in from the great outdoors. If you have a tick, remove it as quickly as you can.

    How to Remove Ticks

    Some people say you should light a match to get the little critter off your skin. Others say coat it with petroleum jelly or some other substance. According to the Harvard Health Blog, however, that might actually make the tick burrow in more and increase your chances of illness.

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