The Perfect Running Outfits for Crisp Fall Weather

By Lisa Jhung, Runner’s World
9/23/2013 2:24:30 PM

Autumn brings fall leaves, thoughts of Thanksgiving dinners, and crisp air. Cooler temperatures can make perfect running weather, but only if you're dressed right. Here are some tips on what to wear on your fall trail runs, from head to toe:

Photo by: Flickr user joiseyshowaa

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A lightweight beanie can provide just the right amount of warmth on cool-weather trail runs without trapping too much heat, while a water-repellent running cap shields your face on rainy days.

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A thin, wicking and quick-drying long-sleeve shirt offers chill-protection while not overheating. On cooler days, consider layering a short-sleeve tech shirt underneath or over your long-sleeve.


Save your jackets for Old Man Winter, and pull on a thin, breathable vest. A vest provides just enough warmth by blocking wind from chilling your core.


Yes, there are running capris for women and men these days. The mid-calf length is perfect for cool trail outings, and the snug fit means there's no extra material for branches to snag.

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A thin pair of gloves can do wonders for comfort on a fall runs, especially on trails. Pull on a pair when you head higher in elevation, or wear them for protection anywhere?especially if you use a tree here or there for leverage around a tight turn, or scramble hand-over-foot up a rocky slope.


If you wear thin socks all summer long, it might be time to pull on a thicker pair. Not only do you get more insulation, the extra padding can do your feet some good on technical trail runs.


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