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    Ten Ways You Can Make This Your Fittest Summer Ever

    By By Katie Rosenbrock
    June 26, 2014, 7:54:00 AM EDT

    Summer is finally here. The harsh coldness of winter is long gone and it's almost safe to say that the unpredictable temperaments of spring are a thing of the past, too.

    You thought it would never arrive and it snuck up fast all at the same time. If you caught the "Get Fit For Summer Fast" tips that we shared a few weeks ago, you may already be well on your way to reaching your fitness and exercise goals for the summer. (But remember, the summer is certainly not the end of your get fit journey. Keep in mind you want this transformation—of your body and your habits—to be for life.)

    If not, well then there's no better day to get started than today. In fact, now you can combine our previous tips with the advice we're about to share to make this your fittest summer ever.

    The following health and fitness tips were all learned during the two years I spent working as a personal trainer. They're meant to help you keep your summer fitness goals on track without depriving you from your favorite foods and turning the entire season into one giant trip to the gym.

    Because, despite any preconceived notions you might have, or failed past attempts at fitness that left you skeptical, getting fit can be fun, and fun is what summertime is all about, so the two actually go hand in hand.

    Here's to a season of fun and fitness. It doesn't matter whether you're aiming to maintain your current level of fitness, have already started your journey towards improvement or haven't yet made the first move towards your goals. No matter where you are right now, these tips can help make this your fittest (and most fun) summer yet!

    P.S. I said it once and since it's important, I'll say it again: Don’t forget—getting fit means getting healthy, so make a vow right now to commit to these tips for life!

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    Make a plan.If you’re serious about exercising more, then you need a workout calendar you can commit to. I know, summertime is about being carefree, but getting fit requires commitment, which means exercise shouldn’t be left up to chance or done only when you “feel like it.” Before you make a plan, you’ll need to set a goal. Your goal can be anything from being able to complete 20 push-ups to running one mile without stopping or losing a certain amount of weight. It doesn’t matter what you’re setting out to accomplish but stating your goal is the first step to coming up with a plan. After you know exactly what you’d like to accomplish you’ll want to create a workout schedule. Treat your workouts like important business appointments. You probably wouldn’t cancel on your boss or a client just because you “didn’t feel like it,” so try creating that same mindset for yourself when it comes to completing each of your workouts.


    Be carefree about calories.

    Instead of thinking about your workouts in terms of burning calories, try focusing on the physical aspect of the exercise. Shift your mindset from, “Five more minutes will burn X more calories” to “Five more minutes will take me a half of a mile further than yesterday.” If your goal is to lose weight keeping track of your calories and energy balance could be helpful tool. (See: How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight?) However, calories aren’t an exact science (See also: Are Cardio Machine Calorie Counters Accurate?) so don’t let them take complete control of your efforts. At the end of the day focusing on the progress of your performance and abilities will boost your confidence and make working out more fun.


    Move more every day.

    I get it; the summer totally encourages us to lie around lazily. Moving more is almost counterintuitive. A hot, humid day could turn even the most active exercise enthusiast into an air-conditioner-loving couch potato. But if you want to improve your fitness this summer, you’ll have to get up and move more. That doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in a quick nap at the beach or by the pool (arguably one of the most enjoyable aspects of summer), but it does mean that the majority of your time should be spent seizing every opportunity for activity. If you’re at the beach, go for a swim; start up a Frisbee game; walk along the shore; build a sandcastle—the opportunities are endless. And for the days when real life is getting in the way of your summertime fun, here are five ways to move more every day.

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