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    Severe Weather Alerts Are No Laughing Matter

    By Marja Ortiz-Martinez
    4/8/2013 2:44:30 PM

    Meteorologists provide an important public service. They work tirelessly to track patterns in order to better predict rain, snow, heat waves, arctic air blasts and severe weather outbreaks. Their findings aid them in issuing public warnings so that their audience can be prepared for the conditions that nature may produce.

    However, sometimes when severe weather outbreaks are more numerous the audience can become desensitized to weather alerts. It is important for viewers to know why it is that meteorologists label storms, "deadly, severe or historic."

    These words are not used lightly and when they are being used it is only to relay the gravity of the situation. Perhaps if this was better understood everyone would respond to these alerts by taking the proper measures in order to secure their safety first and also the safety of their belongings.