Google Hangouts: The Past and Future of Weather Forecasting

9/4/2013 10:05:46 AM

To celebrate AccuWeather's 50th anniversary, we hosted Google hangouts in November 2012 to reflect on the past of weather forecasting and looking to what advances the future holds.

A panel of experts looked into their crystal ball to see what weather presentation, data collection & dissemination, and meteorology will look like in 10, 20 or 50 years down the road. The panel included Meteorologist & Social Media Coordinator Jesse Ferrell, Meteorological Programmer Jonathan Porter, Daryl Herzmann from Iowa State / IEM, WRAL-TV Meteorologist Nate Johnson, CIMSS' Patrick Marsh, and WCNC-TV meteorologist Brad Panovich.

The Future of Weather Forecasting

AccuWeather Meteorologist Jesse Ferrell also hosted AccuWeather VP Dr. Joe Sobel, NOAA SPC Meteorologist Greg Carbin and Weather Historian Bill Murray to discuss the history of weather. Their main focus was how the technology and methods of forecasting has changed over the years.

The History of Weather Forecasting