Floodwaters Could Bring 'Silver Lining' for Colorado Farmers

9/19/2013 11:03:32 AM

While floodwaters wreaked havoc on Colorado's agriculture industry, they may have recharged soil and supplemented reservoirs.

"There is a silver lining if we look down the road," said Ron Carleton, Colorado's deputy commissioner of agriculture. "We just have to get past these near-term impacts."

Drought-stricken areas also benefited from the waters.

Flooding in Colorado. Photo by: Flickr user nurpu

But farmers are worried about the short-term challenges posed by the deluge. Flooding uprooted barns, silos, fences and even irrigation pipes. Homes are covered in mud. And corn, lettuce, onion and soybean crops remain submerged.

Officials are especially worried about how the corn harvest, which has just kicked off, will be affected.

Carleton said the full cost of the floods to Colorado's multibillion-dollar agriculture industry won't be clear until floodwaters recede (Moreno/Valdes, Associated Press, Sept. 18).

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