8 Easy Healthy Travel Tips

By Katie Rosenbrock
10/22/2014 10:08:00 AM

Staying fit and eating healthy when you're on the go doesn't have to be hard though. Fitting exercise and a balanced diet into a busy travel itinerary isn't impossible. It just takes some planning ahead and a little bit of dedication.

At least that's how Arash Shirazi sees it. Shirazi is a frequent flyer and CEO of The Bullitt Agency-an Electronic Dance Music talent agency with headquarters in Washington, DC and Barcelona. He takes pride in maintaining his health and fitness despite a busy travel itinerary and a demanding daily schedule in an industry that hardly ever takes a break.

"Fitness is a priority for me," says Shirazi. "I make it a commitment on my calendar."

Whatever the reason for your next trip, instead of throwing all caution to the wind because you've stepped into an unfamiliar atmosphere, you can maintain your fitness and take care of your health using the following eight easy tips.

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Make Friends

This especially applies to travelers who are planning repeat visits to certain cities. Shirazi makes a point of befriending trainers and instructors in the cities that he frequents so that he can schedule classes and appointments with them ahead of time.

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Embrace Ayurveda

"It's all about balance, not excess," says Shirazi. He follows an "ayurvedic" approach to life, which encourages a dynamic balance between our environment and the mind, body and spirit. He says this helps him to maintain mindfulness and keep everything in moderation.

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Walk Wherever You Can

If there's an easy and safe route that leads to your destination and it's within a reasonable walking distance, ditch your ride and take advantage of the opportunity to move more. Biking is always an option, too!

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