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    6 Amazing Things Our Bodies Can Do

    By Katie Waldeck
    June 01, 2013, 4:27:44 AM EDT

    You think computers in eyeglasses or trains that get you to your destination nearly as fast as a jumbo jet are impressive? They’re nothing compared to the incredible machine that is the human body. From incredible feats of strength to predicting the weather, our bodies are capable of doing some amazing things.


    1. Become Super Strong.

    You can do arm curls until you’re blue in the face and you’ll never match the incredible strength some people gain — seemingly out of nowhere — in the face of extreme danger. There are several famous reports of people lifting cars and other heavy objects to free loved ones, even strangers. It may seem impossible, but the physiology backs it up. When you experience or witness a dangerous situation, your adrenaline rushes. Adrenaline, in turn, leads your heart to race and the level oxygen that flows to your muscles increases. Your body is physically capable of performing these incredible feats of strength, but sometimes it takes a life-threatening situation for our bodies to turn us into superheroes.


    2. Predict the Weather.

    It’s true! If your joints are aching, your body could very well be telling you to pack an umbrella. When a storm is brewing, the pressure in the atmosphere drops — and the pressure on joint fluid rises.

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