Sniff and Scratch? Aromatherapy for Your Golf Game

By Pete Madden
9/12/2013 1:36:03 PM

If your golf game stinks, just plug your nose.

Every golfer searches for an edge, some tip, trick or technique to shave a few strokes off our Sunday scorecards. The pros hire swing coaches and sports psychologists; the rest of us fumble with laser-guided putting aids and stroke analyzer apps. Now we have a new tool: aromatherapy.

Chad Van Den Top, a Chicago-area lawyer and former golf pro, developed Swing Trust Oil in 2011. A potent blend of "essential oils derived from natural plant materials" with exotic names like bergamot, ylang-ylang and clary sage, Swing Trust Oil promises to help you "play better golf by driving up your confidence."

Credit: Swing Trust Oil

"I've always been very interested in the mental aspect of the game," said Van Den Top, who played a few Florida mini-tours before heading to law school. "You hit a couple of bad shots, and you can get anxious. Believe it or not, there are some essential oils out there that will reduce that tension."

Swing Trust Oil comes in a small, easy-to-sniff flask that clips to your golf bag. Struggling to find the fairway? Stuck in the sand? Problems with the putter? Whenever golf gets you down, Van Den Top prescribes a whiff of Swing Trust Oil to help you play through the pressure.

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