Game-Changing Golf Technologies for the Ball, Club & Swing

By Gayle Allen
4/12/2014 9:43:55 AM

The spirit of golf hasn't changed since the 1400s, yet the golf club has evolved incredibly, thanks to new materials and innovative technologies. The golf ball is also being revolutionized, and today's players can practice swing perfection with the assistance of cutting-edge designs and high-tech gadgets. Below is a glance at how technology continues to improve the sport of golf.

Credit: WAMGolf


Golf enthusiasts were elated after news that OnCore's Evo Ball was recently approved by USGA and conforms to the Rules of Golf, according to Golf Getaways. OnCore's introduction of the Evo Ball into the golf community opens doors for new approaches to golf ball construction and the ability to tailor balls to meet various skill levels. Designed with a rigid, hollow metal core, the OnCore ball enhances the golfing experience and performance.

Clubs & Drivers

Who would win in a tournament between legendary golf champion Bobby Jones and today's most successful golfer Tiger Woods? Despite impeccable skill and remarkable talent, the title for golf master could come down to their respective tools. In the 1930s, rubber balls and hickory drivers were the foundations of a golfer's game. Golfing equipment has advanced as technologies have advanced, and the hickory driver lacks in comparison to the modern club.

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