Cape Cod Country Club Review

By Mike Wolfe
10/15/2012 12:16:38 PM

Every year I take an annual golf trip with my usual group of family and close friends. This year we went to Cape Cod for our fall classic to take in some old New England charm. Our trip would take us to three different golf courses, one of my favorites being Cape Cod Country Club.

9th Hole- Signature hole at Cape Cod Country Club

Not be to be confused with Cape Cod National, Cape Cod Country Club is located in East Falmouth, Massachusetts and was less than 10 miles from the house we rented. There wasn't much info on the course other than what I could find on their website. If you play from the tips, the course extends more than 6,400 yards and offers a rating/slope of 71.7/129. A small proshop offers the bare necessities along with some apparel and the small grill and bar is reasonably priced with a friendly staff (the grilled hotdogs are some of the best I've had at a golf course).

Cape Cod Country Club: The Golf Course

I arrived at Cape Cod Country Club with low expectations and was rewarded with a pleasant surprise. The golf course was in excellent shape from tee to green and was fairly open. If you like to score, this is a great golf course to play.

Cape Cod Country Club can be a dream for golfers who love risk reward. How much risk reward? I played twice and shot a 78 followed up by a 92 a couple of days later. There are plenty of chances to "go for it" but miss your mark and plan on punching out before your next shot.

Although very fair to first timers, Cape Cod Country Club has its share of blind shots. Some of these shots are off the tee while others are to an elevated green. The rough isn't overly thick but the fairways are usually lined with tree so a wild tee shot can cost you a stroke or two.

Three Favorite Holes at Cape Cod CC

It was a challenge to select my three favorite holes at Cape Cod Country Club. It's a fun layout that keeps you interested the entire round. Some holes were easy, some were hard. All were fair to every golfer in the group. I could name 5-7 holes I really liked but I'll narrow it down to these three (plus one):

3. The 17th Hole- 315 yard, Par 4: Want to reach the green in one, here is your chance! It's a reachable par 4 that is open on the left side and trouble on the right. If you want to play it safe, hit an iron shot then a wedge into a flat green and make your birdie. It's a scoring hole.

2. The 3rd Hole- 495 yard, Par 5: I love par 5's because they usually provide me the best opportunity to make a birdie. This short par 5 gives golfers a great chance for a birdie and for most golfers, a chance at Eagle. A large fairway is a guarded by a few bunkers. Plenty of room right while the left is lined by the woods. A good drive will leave you about 200 yards in.

1. 9th & 15th Holes- Par 3's: I couldn't decide between the two so I picked both of them. The 9th requires a 145 yard tee shot to a long green. Short and you're in the bunkers or worse, in the water. The 15th is a 190 yard, par 3, that's all carry. An extra club might be the play or you'll likely have to take a drop.


If you're looking for a resort style or championship golf course, Cape Cod Country Club isn't the place for you. That being said, I would recommend this golf course to anyone who's looking for a reasonably priced round at a course with good people and great conditions. If you're on a golf trip or just looking to get a round in on The Cape, it's worth adding Cape Cod Country Club to your list for an enjoyable round.


Cost: $43-$70

Location: East Falmouth, MA

Driving Range: No

Food/Drink: Yes

Cape Cod Country Club Website

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