Tsunami Researchers Remain on the Clock

10/8/2013 10:12:50 AM

The nation's tsunami warning centers remain in operation as the government shutdown rolls into its second week.

Scientists in Hawaii and Alaska continue to track the possibilities of earthquake-triggered tsunamis that could hit the United States.

"There's been no change in our posture," said Stuart Weinstein, deputy director of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Oahu, Hawaii. "We're still 24/7."

Photo by Flickr user Badruddeen

The Hawaiian station and the National Tsunami Warning Center north of Anchorage, Alaska, are both operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Researchers at the centers have access to 650 seismometers around the world and more than 1,000 sea-level instruments (Rachel D'Oro, AP/Anchorage Daily News, Oct. 5).

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