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    Tips for Trailering or Towing a Boat

    By cassidye
    June 10, 2013, 7:43:30 AM EDT

    If you’re one of the many trailer boaters out there, you know that sometimes the trip from the garage to the launch ramp can be as challenging as a full day on the water. But with a little practice and some preparation, you can master the fine art of towing & trailering and spend less time behind the wheel and more time on the water.


    Make a checklist.

    Of all the things that can ruin a boater’s day, there are two that are easy to avoid: failing to replace your drain plug, and not strapping your boat to the trailer properly. And the best way to eliminate those scenarios is to have a simple checklist. Not a fan of paper checklists? Use the "notes" function on your smart phone. While you’re at it, make sure the lug nuts are tight on your trailer wheels and your tires are inflated. Check that the runaway chains are crisscrossed and attached to your tow vehicle. Finally, secure the outdrive or motor in the upright trailering position.

    Remember to turn wide.

    It’s easy to forget when you’re cruising along that you have an extra 26 feet of trailer and boat behind you. Whipping into an available gas station, grocery store parking space or fast-food drive through without considering your "wide load" is asking for trouble. Your trailer has a tighter turning radius than your tow vehicle. Period. If you’re barely clearing that curb with your truck, your trailer won’t.

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