The Friendliest Caribbean Islands

1/25/2014 9:31:15 AM

As if the incredible beaches, luxurious pools, and delectable cocktails weren't enough draw to visit the Caribbean, the region is also home to some of the world's warmest and nicest human beings. These are the top ten friendliest islands in the Caribbean, according to our readers.

Cris Haigh/Getty

10. Antigua

Antigua is a "beautiful island, with beautiful people," one of our readers raves. "The locals are so friendly, warm, and fun-loving," another adds.

Franz Marc Frei/Getty

9. Vieques

Not only is Vieques home to Puerto Rico's stunning bioluminescent bay, it's where you'll find the nicest people in the world, our readers promise. They recommend you ask the "super friendly locals" where to eat; they'll direct you to delicious, tucked-away eateries across the island.

Melanie Acevedo/Getty

8. Anguilla

Anguilla is where you'll find "the best people on earth," according to one of our readers. Another adds: "While the beaches in Anguilla are truly second to none in the world, it's the people and the culture that make Anguilla a true gem."

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