Japan's Newest Island Triples in Size

By Brian Clark Howard for National Geographic
1/6/2014 1:40:31 PM

The following is an excerpt from National Geographic:

The top photo shows Nishino Shima Island, an uninhabited islet in the Ogasawara chain, and a new island formed nearby as a result of an undersea volcanic eruption, on November 21, 2013; the bottom photo shows the same two islands on December 20, 2013. PHOTOGRAPH BY KYODO, AP

Japan's newest island now has a name, Niijima, and it continues to grow.

The small volcanic island sits about 600 miles (970 kilometers) south of Tokyo, offshore of a small, uninhabited island called Nishino Shima. Located in Japanese waters, the newborn island is now one of about 30 known as the Bonin Islands, or the Ogasawara chain.

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