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    Best Bass Fishing in Your State

    By By Game & Fish Online Staff
    April 11, 2014, 5:36:32 AM EDT

    Now that we’ve rounded up the top 10 states for bass fishing in America, we thought we’d break it down further, state-by-state, and show you where to find those lunkers that you’ve spent all winter dreaming about. We’ve talked to biologists and experts and found out the hottest places for spring bass fishing in your state, as well as what tactics to use and even the best bass gear options.


    Alabama Read the full Alabama bass forecast here.

    According to research by fisheries biologist, past tournament results and angler comments, 2014 is shaping up to be great year for bass fishing in Alabama. Across the state, anglers are preparing to begin their yearly fishing season, and March is the perfect month to launch a fishing trip.

    Arizona Read the full Arizona bass forecast here.

    Black bass reign supreme as the most sought-after game fish in America and also the most aggressive. With voracious appetites and short tempers, black bass readily feed on small fish, crayfish, worms, lizards, insects, mice, small birds and frogs — anything they can get into their large mouths. Primarily considered residents of the Midwest and Southeast, bass also call the lakes of the southwestern U.S. home, and fishermen pursue them with great zeal. Bass are usually found in and around cover, typically hiding next to logs, docks, underwater ridges, submerged brush and rocks, or near abrupt drop-offs.

    Arkansas Read the full Arkansas bass forecast here.

    Every pocket of water holds a hungry bass just waiting to smack your favorite lure. They teem in every lake, pond, river, stream and bayou. In some places, you can even catch them in irrigation ditches. We all have our favorite destinations, but why not branch out and fish some new places this year? Here’s a little primer to help you plan a month-long milk run of hotspots. Here’s what to expect for bass fishing in Arkansas.

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