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    Skin Rehab: Post-Summer Skin Care

    By By Rebecca Boneschans
    September 12, 2013, 6:31:33 AM EDT

    Changing seasons also calls for changing skin care. Once the summer sun sets, your skin is left feeling and looking dried out. If you’re like me, you followed the rules of keeping your skin protected from harmful rays all summer, but you have also soaked up as many of those rays as possible to get that sun-kissed glow. So, by now our skin needs a little loving, but slathering on simple moisturizer won’t do. On top of keeping it hydrated you must repair the damage done. Read on for the best products for your post-summer skin care regimen!


    Soothe the Burn

    If you’ve gotten just a bit too much sun over the summer, chances are you had a pretty gnarly burn. An at-home remedy for sunburn is to create a cool compress. According to dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman, a mixture of half water and half skim milk will do the trick thanks to the milk’s anti-inflammatory lactic acid. Another way to ease the itchiness and pain is to use a soothing salve with aloe vera. The natural soothing aloe gel will replenish the skin's moisture levels and temper the burn. Try one of these after-sun lotions for a fast skin care fix.

    Thirst-Quenching Sprays

    To really get the skin back in tip-top shape, Jaliman suggests finding products with Vitamin C. “It definitely brightens the skin and improves the look of it,” she says. Vitamin E also helps hydrate the skin so find a spray moisturizer that utilizes both. A face mist is perfect to pack away in your bag and apply at your convenience to keep your skin hydrated after a day in the sun. Let the mist of one of these moisturizers instantly soothe your summer skin.

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