Reducing Static in Your Hair During Winter Months

2/7/2013 2:00:08 PM

The cold, dry air in the winter months has many effects on me. My skin feels dry, my hair feels dry, my lips need a frequent balm application...and my hair has a problem with static. The combination of the dryer winter air, and the wool scarf is a killer! Is this just me? It's not. Many of my clients come in, sit in my chair and remove their toboggan to reveal hair standing straight up and straight out. This is what I tell them:

Rich conditioners. Using a heavier conditioner in the winter will help with the static. You might have to choose for a few months between less static and weighed down hair, or more volume and hair that stands up on its own. A light, volumizing conditioner won't give the same richness that your hair needs to stay put. The choice is really yours, friends. PS I love Pureology!

Moisturizing products. Any oils or creams will help dramatically to tame static. My little rule when applying oils on dry hair, is to keep it below your chin. This way your roots wont get greasy! PS I love argan oil!

Dryer Sheets. Yes, like you would use in your laundry. I sometimes carry one in my handbag just in case my hair starts freaking out. Just smoothing over your hair in a sort of "petting" motion, will rid it of any and all static. Sure, you'll smell like laundry, but at least you wont look like a mad scientist when you're out for dinner with your girlfriends!

By the way, I've realized since living in New York that calling a beanie a "Toboggan" is a southern thing. In other areas, a toboggan is a sled. This blew my mind.

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