Naturally Beautifying Beverages

By Sabrina
6/26/2013 10:07:58 AM

I believe that taking care of yourself from the inside out is the best approach. When I say the inside out, that includes positive thinking, healthy eating, and personal growth. Each of these things makes you even more beautiful on the outside than you already were.

Sometimes you need a little push though; something to give you an even more radiant glow. Since goodness starts from within, here are three beauty-boosting beverages that will nourish, heal, and beautify you!

Credit: Divine Caroline

Clean and Green

You can enjoy 50 percent of your recommended Vitamins A and C intake from this deliciously tasty beauty boost.

Grab yourself the following:

- 1 large apple

- ½ cup kale and spinach

- 1 stalk of celery

- ¼ cup fresh lemon juice

- ½ cup water

- A dash of cayenne pepper

Core and skin your apple and toss it in a blender with the rest of your ingredients. Blend on high until everything is pulverized then pour in a glass and enjoy.

This drink is rich with vitamins that can repair and prevent wrinkles and fine lines caused from overexposure to sun. The high fiber content also helps flush your body of acne-causing toxins leaving your skin looking instantly brighter.

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