5 Ways to Use Healthy Oils for Skincare

By Chaya, selected from Networx
6/1/2013 8:53:32 AM

In the 1980s and 1990s, oil got a bad rap. Nobody wanted to eat fat anymore, and nobody wanted to let oil touch her face. Oil made you fat, and oil gave you pimples. Except... it didn't. Along came the health food people of the new millennia, who announced that in fact, some oils are super-sludge and should never enter your body, but others are actually really beneficial to your health. And then they went as far as to suggest that we (gasp!) actually put oil on our skin to (again, gasp!) prevent acne.

Credit: Care2

OH. MY. GOSH. Could you die?

The best thing about these five uses for oil is that you can use oils that you probably have in your kitchen. I'm a health food nut, so I always have a few bottles of high quality, expeller-pressed oils in my cabinets. If you don't, just know that you now have an excuse to buy yourself some really yummy oil, and to start dressing your salads with it, as well as your face. So let's do this.

1. The post-shower EVOO massage: A really good shiatsu practitioner told me about this post-shower skin treat, which is really quite wonderful. At the time, I was living in a Mediterranean country where great extra virgin olive oil was plentiful and inexpensive. If you are acne-prone, extra virgin olive oil might make you break out. In that case, substitute grape seed oil, sunflower oil, or safflower oil. In the shower, scrub yourself well with a natural loofah. If loofahs gross you out, then exfoliate with a brush or with a washcloth. When you're finished showering, pat yourself dry (leave skin a little damp) and massage your skin (all of it) with a small palm-full of extra virgin olive oil. You really only need a Tablespoon or two to moisturize your whole body.

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