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    How Young is Too Young to Swim Alone?

    By By Brandi, selected from Diets in Review
    July 08, 2013, 5:51:27 AM EDT

    There’s a video going around the internet that just makes me cringe. It features a 16-month-old girl paddling around a three foot deep swimming pool. Her comfort and skill in the water are undeniable, and she clearly can float and move herself across the pool. The unsettling part of the video is the complete lack of an adult near her as she swims. It begs the question, how young is too young to swim by yourself?

    At DietsInReview, we think swimming is an excellent way to not only get yourself in shape, but your family as well. It utilizes many of the muscles in the body, and is relatively low-impact. Swimming can be used as rehab, calorie burning exercise or just a simple way of enjoying the water while staying active. We all agree that swimming is good, and should be participated in by all ages.


    However, that doesn’t all (or any) ages should be swimming alone. The Red Cross swimming classes start at age 6 months, with a parent or guardian in the water with the child for the entire lesson. Usually, Parent and Child Aquatics lessons are recommended until the child is 3. Then the child is moved up to Level One of the Preschool Aquatics lessons where and teacher and/or aide is present at all times.

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