Winter Pruning: Keeping Your Fruit Trees Healthy

By Gardenista
1/9/2013 2:59:29 PM

Although it is cold outside, now is a good time to start pruning your fruit trees. They're dormant. They're waiting. You might as well bundle up and get it over with.

Pruning will shape a tree into something beautiful with a structure that has integrity to better withstand the effects of wind, snow, and other weather conditions that damage branches. And by removing dead or diseased wood, you will make a tree healthier.

Don't forget your gloves, by the way.

Above: The first step is to get rid of the clutter. Suckers are thin branches that sprout haphazardly from a trunk or larger support branches; they make a tree look like it has a Sideshow Bob haircut. Use loppers to remove them at their base. Photograph via The Little Ragamuffin.

Above: Remove water sprouts, common on many varieties of fruit trees, by clipping them off close to the trunk. Photograph by Menudujour via Flickr.

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