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    Winter Container Gardening for Small Spaces

    By By Becky Striepe
    October 31, 2012, 2:24:34 PM EDT


    Last week, I talked a little bit about the environmental impact of eating meat. Another way to reduce your food footprint (foodprint?) is to grow your own food. This can be easier said than done, though, now that temperatures are dropping. We’ve already had to move a couple of plants out of the cold, and we’ve started growing some more cold-resistant plants in our containers out back.

    The trick with any container garden is to choose quality, organic potting soil, make sure you have the right sized pot, and that you fertilize regularly with organic fertilizer. To choose your pot size, take a look at the plant’s care tag. The rule of thumb that’s worked for me is to choose a pot that’s the same width as the spacing. So, if the plants need to be 12″ apart, choose at least a 12″ pot. The same goes for plant food or fertilizer: read the instructions. We apply every few weeks, but depending on what you choose, you may be fertilizing more or less frequently.

    I’m lucky enough to have a house with a yard and a porch where I can grow food, but even if you only have a little bit of space, you can grow some food plants with a little bit of planning. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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