A Guide to Watering Your Lawn and Garden

By Ruth S. Foster
9/6/2014 11:56:14 AM

All plants need water. They can grow only as fast as they have water for cell growth. Trees in the rain forest grow so fast because of ever-available water and high-humidity. In the home garden, one deep watering is worth a peck of sprinklings. Most plants require 1 inch of rainfall each week; the sprinkler should deliver 1 inch of water before you turn it off. During times of drought, very hot, dry or windy weather, this should be increased to two to three times a week, although water costs and conservation regulations may make this impractical.

Credit: Renovate Your World

Water is a valuable resource, not to be wasted. Overwatering doesn't help plants. Excess water percolates through the spill into the lower levels. Sprays evaporate into the air. Furthermore, plants, especially trees and shrubs, can die from too much water. Roots need air or they smother and rot. A good watering that is allowed to soak through then dry out is somewhat preferred to frequent light waterings. Only swamp plants like constantly wet feet.

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