Will The City Of The Future Look As Insane As This?

By Colin Lecher
10/20/2012 9:19:53 AM

Under Tomorrows Sky Hovig Alahaidoyan imagines the island city's coastline. Hovig Alahaidoyan

To create the exhibit "Under Tomorrows Sky" (yes, it's apostrophe-free), speculative architect Liam Young brought together a batch of like-minded folks to imagine a city of the future. The contributors include futurist and sci-fi writer Bruce Sterling, graphic novelist Warren Ellis, scientist Rachel Armstrong, and a lot more.

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Somehow that vision ends up resembling a collision between nature and urban blight; think of it as a sort of post-apocalyptic Walden Pond. It's gorgeous--you can see that in the gallery--but the project is a multimedia endeavor, too. Videos inspired by it are at the exhibit's site, and there's even a fly-on-the-wall camera for you to sit in on the think tank discussions. Here are sci-novelists Bruce Sterling and Simon Ings chatting with Young about the city of the future.

It'll be showing at Dutch Design Week tomorrow if you happen to be in the Netherlands. Or you can just wait until it's the future and hope they guessed right.

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