Harsh Winter Rears its Head Again on Ohio Bills

6/11/2014 9:42:39 AM

The costs grid manager PJM Interconnection spread among power companies when it switched on extra plants during the polar vortex will soon show up in some commercial and industrial customers' electric bills.

Though FirstEnergy Solutions decided it would not make residential customers pay, 82 percent of its commercial and industrial customers -- many of which are small businesses -- will start seeing bills with a surcharge of less than $100 this summer, said a spokeswoman for FES.

A home thermostat. (Credit: Flickr/Geoffrey Fairchild)

Earlier this year, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio began investigating whether unregulated power companies can charge customers with fixed-price contracts in this manner. So far, FES -- a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. -- is alone in passing the buck to customers, said a PJM spokeswoman.

Some companies plan to fight these charges, and the Ohio Manufacturers' Association is allowing members to do so collectively (John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 10).

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