Black Friday Shopping the Earth-Friendly Way

By Valerie Smock
11/29/2013 8:07:20 AM

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is still plenty of time to shop for that special someone. If you are completely out of ideas, try thinking outside the box. Instead of buying perfume or a purse for your wife, think about ways to go green and still save the green.

"Before you shop, go to the web and use a carbon footprint calculator to see which brands of products have a lower carbon footprint," said Mark Fischetti, editor for Scientific American. "Search for a calculator from the EPA or the Carbon Trust."

These online calculator to get a rough estimate of your personal or family's greenhouse gas emissions and explore the impact of taking various actions to reduce your emissions.

If you're thinking about buying a car, try the hybrid route. You'll not only emit less carbon dioxide, you'll save thousands in gasoline.

"If you buy a new product, recycle the packaging and don't just throw out the old product you already have; recycle it too," said Fischetti. "Recycling reduced emissions generated during the next manufacturing cycle and reduces waste as well."