Apple Festivals: Fall Foliage that is Delicious

By Maria King
9/27/2012 7:10:25 AM

Fall is just beginning and that means fall foliage is upon us. I love it. The fall is my favorite time of year. Of course that is a result of getting older. I wasn't too crazy about fall as a child because it meant going back to school. But now I treasure it. The colors of fall are warm and comforting as nature puts on a spectacular show. When most people think of fall foliage they think of trees with red and orange leaves. But along with the turning leaves, Mother Nature also produces some very colorful fruits and vegetables. Let's just imagine a farm market brimming with yellow, red and green apples and bright orange pumpkins. Few things are more colorful than fall fruits surrounded by leaves turning colors. So this week in honor of fall foliage, I decided to focus on that fabulous fall favorite, the apple.

My research led me to the discovery that the apple is a fascinating little fruit that has a very storied history. Remember the story of Adam and Eve and that infamous "bite of the apple", or William Tell and his famous "apple shot"? How about Sir Isaac Newton watching an apple drop in his orchard heading him to his work on gravity or Johnny Appleseed and the story of his planting apple seeds to make apple trees grow all across the U.S.. Apples show up in history just about everywhere. This fruit has significance in some of our familiar expressions and holidays as well. Just this past week on the table of every Jewish home, apples were dipped in honey on the first night of Rosh Hashanah to express hope for a sweet new year. They are also the main ingredient in the "all things American" expression, "Mom, apple pie and baseball". They offer good health in the expression, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". In parental love where he/she is "the apple of my eye". And who can forget the Halloween tradition of bobbing for apples. As you can see, apples seem to be everywhere in history and significant in daily life. I am quite surprised that when I took a good look at apples, they really are quite a-peeling. (okay, you knew that would be in here somewhere) .

So remember that fall foliage can bring wonderful colors from the trees as well as from the warming colors of the seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fall is a terrific time to be outdoors and celebrating apple events is a perfect way to do just that. These events feature fresh, crispy apples, apple butter, pie, cider, cobbler, candy and caramel apples (a personal favorite of mine) and so much more. At this time of year, we have lots of apple related events. Coming soon we will be featuring pumpkin events and harvest festivals along with more apple related events. All of these are our way of celebrating that fall is upon us. As we move further into fall, I am sure you will be able to find many wonderful events that feature all kinds of things "fall" taking place in your backyard. Be sure to check the search box above for events that you can "fall" into this week (sorry, last bad pun, I promise). Grab someone you love and get out and smell the fresh air and seasonal beauty of fall.

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