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    Winter's Coming: Clean the Garage to Make Room for the Car

    By By, Nicole Sforza Real Simple Writer
    12/15/2012 2:40:10 PM

    How a trio of families corralled their clutter for good with smart solutions.

    The seven-member McKenna family of Wellesley, Massachusetts, needed to find a place for every piece of equipment (and enough floor space for a game of keep-away).

    Sporty garage photo courtesy of Jonny Vailan for realsimple.com.

    Sports Garage: Before

    With bikes strewn everywhere and all sorts of equipment teetering in hampers, the garage had that oh-so-familiar anarchy vibe. Without an organizing system, the kids left their gear wherever it landed.

    Sports Garage: After

    Now every sport has a home base. Baseball bats live in a wooden holder, lacrosse sticks in a proper caddy-and bikes and scooters have their own parking spots. Off-season items, like ice-hockey sticks and snow shovels, hang from ceiling hooks, freeing up space.

    Sporty garage photo courtesy of Jonny Vailan for realsimple.com.

    To buy: Tubtrugs buckets in orange, $23.50 each, and Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower (holds lacrosse sticks), $40, http://amazon.com. Large Tint Stacking Drawers in orange, $18 each, http://containerstore.com. Cedar Creek tool holder (bats), $93, http://walmart.com. Benjamin Industrial pendant light (back corner), $98, http://barnlightelectric.com.

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