How to Know if Your Home is on a Sinkhole

By Renovate Your World
4/8/2014 10:52:24 AM

It sounds like something out of a bad dream or an extreme weather news report: House Falls Into Sinkhole. Yet this geological hazard is a very real threat to our infrastructure and our homes. Sinkholes can wreak havoc on roads, drain water from streams and rivers and yes, they can swallow a home whole.

Fortunately, this disastrous event doesn't always strike without warning. In fact, sinkholes leave telltale signs of their presence, sometimes well before they give way completely.

Credit: Flickr/Eric Heather Haddox

Here are some sinkhole warning signs you can look for on your property:

- Cracks in foundations, floors, driveways and sidewalks

- Cracks in your stucco or exterior block

- Trees, shrubs or fence posts that have started to sag or slant off in abnormal directions

- Windows and doors that no longer close properly, often caused by shifts in the home foundation

- Exposed sections of foundation, exterior features and tree roots on your property

- Depressions or dips in your yard

- Sections of dying lawn or vegetation (caused by sudden depletion of water)

- Sediment in the water supplying your house

To find out if your state has a high occurrence of sinkholes, continue reading on Renovate Your World.

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