How to Insulate Water Heaters, Pipes and Attic Spaces

9/18/2012 8:56:54 AM

Step 1: Add insulation to the water heater.

Secure the jacket in place.

Follow the instructions that came with the insulating jacket. Wrap the jacket around the water heater. Secure the jacket in place with the tape that came with the jacket.

Step 2: Cover the pipes with foam insulation.

Cover as much of the exposed pipes as you can.

Use snap-on foam insulation to cover the exposed hot water pipes in the basement. Use a utility knife to cut the foam ends at an angle to cover any turns in the pipes. Make sure all ends of the foam pieces are touching to completely cover the pipes.

Step 3: Install ventilation baffles in the attic eaves.

Position the baffle in place.

Adding a layer of insulation in the attic with greatly reduce heat loss. Before adding insulation, it is important to ensure proper ventilation through the vents in the eaves by installing ventilation baffles. Position the ventilation baffle and staple it in place.

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