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    14 Tips for Using Less Heat this Season

    By Becky Striepe
    9/29/2012 12:23:19 PM

    It feels like it got chilly over night! The temperature's dropping here in the northern hemisphere, and for a lot of us that means dialing up the thermostat to take that chill out of the air.

    Whether you have electric or gas heat, warming your home isn't so hot for the environment. The majority of our electricity here in the U.S. comes from dirty coal. Natural gas drilling often uses a dangerous method called hydraulic fracturing or "fracking," which contaminates water in the areas around drilling sites.

    Never fear! There are lots of ways that you can reduce your heating bill without setting hand on the thermostat.

    1. Get a Draft Dodger

    Nope, I'm not talking about avoiding military service. Draft dodgers are filled fabric tubes that you wedge under the door to keep out cold air. Normally filled with sand or small beans, they do a great job of adding a little extra insulation around doors or windows.

    You can purchase draft dodgers online, and if you're feeling crafty it's quite easy to whip up your own!

    2. Make the Most of the Sunlight

    If possible, keep your blinds open during the day and close them at night. This does double duty. In the daytime, sunlight will warm your home naturally, and at night your blinds will help keep heat from escaping through your windows.

    3. Trim the Tree

    Not the Christmas tree! If you've got plants blocking the windows on the side of your house that gets the most sun, prune them back. This will help you take advantage of sunlight during the day (see #2).

    Up next: Cover the floor, bundle up, and turn down the thermostat.

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