11 Surprising Uses for Egg Cartons

By Katie Waldeck
6/24/2013 1:16:16 PM

For years, I've been saving egg cartons for my musically-inclined friends - the cartons are supposed to act as a sort of cheap, DIY soundproofing. Well, it turns out that egg cartons are not helpful at all in that arena, and may actually make the noise louder than it would have been otherwise. Uh oh! So what am I to do with the three months worth of egg cartons sitting under my sink? It turns out that there are plenty of options. Click through to read about great ways to reuse egg cartons.

Organizing and Storage.

1. Pack Fragile Ornaments. Keep this one in mind for the holidays. Store your small, delicate ornaments in a tissue paper-lined egg carton for safekeeping.

2. Organize the Junk Drawer and More. Beads, nuts and bolts, office supplies, little toy pieces, jewelry, sewing materials... You name it! Egg cartons are a great cheap and simple way to store all those little things you don't want to lose.

3. Organize all that Stuff in the Laundry Room. Always finding loose change and other random stuff in clothing pockets? Keep it tracked and sorted by having an egg carton on hand in the laundry room.

4. Easily Store String. If you have some string in a drawer, all too often it ends up unraveling. Remedy that by placing the string on one of the center cones of an egg carton. Make an x-shaped slit at the top of the cone, and run the string through it. Voila - no more unraveling!

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